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Kerala-Culture, Traditions and Lifestyles

Kerala Culture, Kerala Culture TravelThe site Kerala Backwaters takes you on a delightful cultural tour to the land of pristine beauty and warm people, that is Kerala in South India. Kerala's cultural history can be traced back to the ancient times. Though the area was demarcated by the Western Ghats the state's long shoreline exposed this South Indian state to a lot of foreign influences that has had an effect on Kerala's long standing culture and tradition.

Kerala, India is known for its folk art forms and classical dance forms that form an integral part of the traditions and culture of Kerala, India. Some of the popular classical dance forms that form a part of the traditions of Kerala, India are Chakyarkoothu, Bharatnatyam, Mohiniattam and Kathakali.

Chakyarkoothu happens to be one of the important, ancient and traditional art forms of Kerala, India. This art form is popularly called the koothu and is one of the oldest forms of classical theater art forms in Kerala, India. This art form is usually performed in the various temple premises and any such performance begins with an invocation to the local deity of the particular temple.

Bharatanatyam is one of the most popular classical art forms in Kerala, India and is an integral part of the culture and tradition of Kerala, India. Women have always performed this dance form. In fact this dance form was traditionally performed by the devadasi's and this art form was basically a temple art form.

Kathakali is a spectacular art form that was traditionally performed by men. This art form is usually performed during all the popular festivals of Kerala, India.

Kerala, India being a lush green and naturally beautiful state has a rich tradition of worshipping nature in the forms of rivers, hills and land. Kerala's natural beauty and wildlife has always been an integral part of the cultural tradition of Kerala, India.

Kerala in India has had a long tradition of martial arts. In fact the different rulers who have reigned in this region over the years have patronized different art forms, be it architectural styles that are reflected in the ancient buildings, temples and churches in the region, classical art forms like dance, music and theater. Besides the foreign influences on Kerala's traditions have become an integral part of Kerala's culture that is reflected in the forts and buildings constructed by the Dutch and the Portuguese in this region.

Kerala Culture
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